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Roof Coatings, the truth.

Posted on 11 March, 2013 at 7:36
Just when we thought it was time to pack away the winter woollies out pops Met Eireann with a weather warning, and not just an ordinarily weather warning either, an orange status warning! This can mean only one thing Sneachta! The country grinds to a halt, mass chaos in the aisles of Tesco... ok slight exaggeration, but it has given me a few hours to get a post done on here.
While pricing roof cleaning jobs I have been asked a fair bit about Roof Coatings or Roof Painting as it is also known. It is not something I was ever familiar with down the years or anything I'd ever taken any notice of but since starting my own business 18 months ago it is something I have been forced to look into in order to keep up with the competition or just to have an opinion for the asking customer.
We have been approached by a few companies about using their products or being involved in their roof coating franchise but although there does seem to be a market for it, I see it as being nothing more than a gimmick. 
While reading up on the subject I came across a site on here a the author of the page Richard Jones sums it up perfectly for me, here's some of what he has to say:

Roof Coating And Sealing
More and more roof coating companies seem to be popping up these days and as usual many of them make very extravagant claims. I wanted to take this opportunity to set the record straight, once and for all, written by me, a very experienced roof tiler and contractor.

"A Roof Coating Will Extend The Life Of Your Roof"
This statement should really be taken with a pinch of salt. If a new roof costs £5000 and is expected to last 75 years+ and a roof coating costs £4000 and lasts 10 years (if you are very lucky), would you feel this is value for money?

Roof Sealants Will Improve The Thermal Effiency Of The House
This is a statement I have seen several high profile roof companies make and in my opinion is ridiculous. A thin layer of paint/coating will offer as much insulation as a coat of Marmite. I feel the reason new houses are constructed with traditional insulation products is because they work much better and are much cheaper than expensive coatingsMany high pressure salesman use this claim as part of their pitch and my advice is to fix any insulation issues with the property by purchasing more insulation - not roof coatings.

Become A Show Home - Get A 10% Discount
This is one of the oldest tricks in the book, a discount is apparently offered if the house is the first in the area to have a roof coating applied. It's best to avoid such sales tactics, it is a sign of desperation from a company that cannot reach new customers by word of mouth and is designed to rush you into a purchase.

The Ten Year Guarantee
Read the small print folks, if you cannot see specific details of what is included or excluded then it's not worth the paper it's written on.Here is an example of how one company advertises it's special 10 year guarantee:
Does the guarantee cover the product if it peels/washes off the roof?
Does the guarantee cover moss re growth on the tiles?
Has the company that offers this guarantee even been in business for 10 years?
Remember: A vague guarantee without specifics is worthless.

He goes on to expose some well known companies in the UK and gives testimonials from a number of customers who unfortunately learnt the hard way.

Ads have been popping up in my local paper of late and I've also noticed a few roofs around that look to be painted, I will keep an eye on these over the coming months and watch how long the stuff actually lasts. 
For now though the snow seems to have cleared so I'm off to do a bit, Good Luck!


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