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Aggressive Vs Non aggressive exterior cleaning.

Posted on 11 June, 2013 at 15:40
Hi folks!

Guess what? 
Yes, it's raining here Ireland...Give's me a bit of time to add another post here though so not all bad (if only it lasted the twenty mins it took to do this!) 
Another great advantage to this warm wet weather?? The moss and algae love it! 

I was in Ardara, Co. Donegal a couple of weeks back at a training day for applicators of the Mossgo Pro system, Michael Conway who was giving the course had put together a few pages of information and pictures and among these was a table titled Method/Product Comparison, which outlined the Pro's and Con's for both Aggressive (pressure washing, harmful chemical cleaning) and Non aggressive (Mossgo pro system).
What was most interesting about the content was the fact  that a (converted) professional power washer who was also in attendance agreed 100% with everything that was printed!

I'm not saying that pressure washing or chemical cleaning is a completely flawed industry or that everyone in it is out to con people, after all I wouldn't recommend using our system to clean your car or to remove graffiti for instance. But if people were more educated to the Pro's and Con's of both then it would help them to make the correct and most cost effective decisions when it comes to maintaining their home or business' exterior. 

Here's a look at what I'm rambling on about...

Aggressive Approach Pro's

Mossgo Pro Approach Pro's

Looks Clean
Leaves live spores behind
Kills all organic growth 
 Slower Cleaning Time
Quick Results
Destroys finish and protective surface
Protective surface  finish unharmed

Shortens life span of the surface
 Life span of surface improved

Re-Growth encouraged
Re-growth inhibited
Retains dirt and grime
Less dirt and grime retained
Retains Moisture
Allows for quicker drying times
Harsh Chemicals remain present
Gentle approach
Severe Chemical Hazard
Low environmental footprint
Dangerous power washing at heights
Safer high access operating system
More Expensive- False economy
Less expensive- Improved economy

Right, I'm off again.

Thanks for taking a few moments to check out my post and thanks to Michael Conway and Francois Moal of MossgoPro for providing the info. 

Feel free to leave any comments below, good, bad or indifferent...

If no-one hears from me in the next few months then I have most likely been kidnapped by a group of hardcore pressure washers and am being tortured at around 3,000 psi but don't worry the effects won't last (",)

Good Luck... 

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